A juggling act!

Trying to achieve work-life balance? Sure, what about self balance in this equation? Having a good career and still having some time to get home at night to care for the family is one thing, but throw in there time for your spouse, time to learn and time for a passion, photography in my case, makes it an extremely difficult juggling act.


If you have some magic tricks to make his easy, I beg you to share them with me! Maybe I am a perfectionist and just can’t achieve something satisfying quick enough. Perhaps, I am overwhelmed with the forest in front of me that I loose sight of the trees…


I guess I am still dealing with the severance from my 365 project. Then I had no choice but to make time for photography in my day, and I managed for a year. I have no idea how I managed, but I did and neither my family of my job suffered from it. So I guess that’s the secret, having project, working on one thing at a time and do it right… time to find another project!
Until then, good night!

Party !! (365 / 365)

Pour mes amis francophones, comme une grande portion de mon auditoire est anglophone et que faire le tout bilingue demande du temps que je n’ai pas, j’espère que vous m’excuserez de l’usage exclusif de la langue de Shakespeare